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"You need the drill not the hole" -Graham Hill, Treehugger.com via -unknown "Camera is perfect! and one additional request . . ." -Stacey, NYC "hope I'm not missing anything, but is this really a completely free service? Was I supposed to tip?" -Jim M, borrowed a steam cleaner, NYC "wow, it's so much tidier in here" -anonymous basement "I love that n*b eliminates unnecessary production" -mother earth "I love this site! Thank you for creating a MUCH-needed service" -thewritergal "I'm not only the founder, I'm also a user:) borrow my stuff, most of it is free!" -Adam B "I borrowed a HD Camcorder two days after I signed up and kept it for a week, all for free! I'm excited to see where this site will be in another three years. Might just be an internet revolution." -Will H

What is neigh*borrow?

neigh*borrow is an online marketplace specializing in "things people need to use but don't need to own." The site connects people who are geographically or socially close to one another, and provides the tools to reduce the "friction" of sharing. Think of it as eBAY for things you don't keep, but use when you need and return.

Why should I use neigh*borrow?

Have you ever bought something you needed only once or once in a while? We have. And it's just sitting around, going unused until we need it again.

Have you ever bought something only to find out someone you know already bought the same thing? We have. And we realized we didn't need two "copies."

Have you ever done without something because you just couldn't justify buying it outright? We've done that also. And it would've been nice to have it.

Well, we wished there was a way we could access these types of things when we needed them, without having to pay full price. And that's why we created neigh*borrow!

Whether it's a tool for a specific project, a household item for a special occasion, or simply the hottest hardcover bestseller, there are most likely others close to you that have it and aren't using it at the moment. And all that "stuff" you have that you don't use very often? Guess what? Someone close by probably needs it every now and again. We think that's pretty inefficient utilization of our collective "stuff" and a waste of both money and resources.

You should use neigh*borrow because it's an easy and fun way to save money, conserve resources, meet new people, and be helpful to your community!

What types of "stuff" can I neigh*borrow?

Basically any physical item that can be used more than once by more than one person. Users have neigh*borrow-ed books, DVDs, tools, cameras, bikes, headphones, golf clubs, steam carpet cleaners, bocce ball sets, iPADS, iPODS, speakers, and many other items.

How does neigh*borrow work?

The site allows people to list things they have and things they need along with details like location and price per day. Then our ex-vice-president-with-great-tempo-and-cadence (algorithm) matches the needs with the haves and provides the tools and logistics for seamless use and return!

Okay, so how do I start?

  1. List or Request an item you have or need.
  2. Broadcast your listing on your social networks, via email, or wait until you get a request/offer on the item(s) you are offering/requesting.
  3. When someone requests something, (or when you find something you want) click lend it/borrow it and arrange to pick up/drop off the item (or have it shipped in certain, rare cases)
  4. Return the item when it's due (to the owner or the next person who needs it)
  5. Do it again to be green and save green (and make green)!

Where do I pick up and drop off the items?

Lenders set one "master exchange venue" for their account or can customize for each item. Lenders can select meeting locally, allowing pick up, or even delivering / shipping certain items. Items are returned the same way they are received. In some cases the item will go right to the next borrower in which case the person in possession will set the exchange.

What happens if I damage or lose something?

Contact us right away. You are personally responsible for any damage or loss to something you borrow so please take care of borrowed items as you would your own, or even better! Normal wear and tear is ok of course, beyond that you will need to replace any item you lose or damage. Depending on your account type, your account can be cancelled, your deposit not returned, etc. Certain premium accounts and groups qualify for incidental insurance on items.

Why does neigh*borrow exist?

neigh*borrow was founded by two good friends, Adam Berk and Dave Tomback, as a way to help them and others around them consume more efficiently. We don't always have what we need and don't always need what we have, so let's DO something about it!

A few years ago, Adam took a look around his cramped NYC apartment and noticed how much stuff he had that he didn't use very often. Stuff that was perfectly good, that he wanted to keep, but that sat idle most of the time. A nice digital camera he only used for vacations, the tennis racket he hadn't used in years but just might this summer! He figured that this was true of other people in his building or down the block and thought, why can't we all use this stuff more efficiently? Why do my next door neighbor and I both need to own a drill? Why should I go buy a new (X), when there is probably one sitting in a neighbor's apartment going unused?

Dave agreed and shared Adam's aversion to waste and inefficiency. They started talking about how powerful a tool the Internet was and how it was really changing people's consumption habits. But it was really only shifting existing consumer behavior from the physical to the virtual, from Borders to Amazon, instead of providing people with radically new ways to access "stuff". They sensed there was a big hole that needed to be filled and started to think about how they could harness the power of the Internet to make p2p borrowing, lending, renting, and sharing safer, easier, more effective and more ubiquitous. How to use the online world to influence offline, real world behavior. And neigh*borrow was born.

I have a great idea for neigh*borrow, where do I sent it?

Thanks! We love to receive feedback and suggestions! Direct all comments and feedback to http://getsatisfaction.com/neighborrow/

Do you want to acknowledge anyone?

Yes, thanks for asking! FOUNDERS *Adam Berk, Dave Tomback;
CONTRIBUTORS * Phuc Quang, Kate Duffin Jensen, Samantha Technologies, multidimension studios; Nirod Ghale;
PARTNERS * Eco-Libris, Ride Amigos, Loomia,;
FRIENDS AND SPONSORS * Jill Starishevsky, HolyLandHardball, Robin Aletreas
CHARTER MAYORS * John Johnson 100 crucial people Kate Duffin Jensen is a talented graphic designer. She is based out of Chicago and specializes in the design of marketing collateral, event materials, annual reports and invitations, project management and creative direction.

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